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Rhino Goo's got you covered

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You can leave this stuff on for as long as you like and it will never cause damage, something which can’t be said for several other cleaners out there

Dirt Mag

Wow, this stuff works and you really should GIVE THE GOO AGO


All in I can not fault this product one bit, we have compared it to other top brands and it just does the job better and leaves the bike cleaner.


I've had my cycle for a couple of years and it has not looked so good,(apart from when I bought it of course)


Great product I will be a regular user. Thanks Rhino Goo anything that makes cleaning my bikes quicker let alone better is awesome in my book


I will definitely be buying this cleaner again and will be recommending it to the rest of the guys in the club


I was very sceptical that this would be as good as it says but it's amazing, when you use it as a concentrate it will take off anything and make it look brand new


Wow. Could not believe how well it brought the chain and cogs up. It even makes you cycle faster and longer!!!!


Amazing, my bike looks new again. Have tried others such as Muc Off and Halfords own brand neither compares with this with regards to performance and cost


Amazing product. Used it for the first time today and it's as good if not better than its competitors, cheaper than its competitors and it's the only cleaner that cleans both your bike and your drivetrain. Highly recommended.

Mr Cowling

Removes all dirt without having to apply lots of scrubbing like others Its easy to mix and comes really well packaged. The concentrated fluid will last a long time Highly recommended


Clearly Rhino Goo know their stuff and they have been careful to ensure that nothing nasty goes into their product that could damage expensive bike components. It’s good to see a company taking their product so seriously and one that is often so overlooked by consumers. We’re sold on Rhino Goo, it will definitely be present in the trusty tool box

Ride Magazine

This will definitely be my new cleaning product of choice for my mtb. Fast delivery also


Having used other rhino goo products I had no worries in knowing this would work as described and to a high standard makes keeping your bike clean and maintained far easier


Probably the best bike cleaning product in the world!

Cycling Shorts

One of those rare high quality products that is a must have for your workshop shelf. Well done MTB Goo dudes great product


Satora UK

We are a UK distributor for Rhino Goo, supplying our customers all over the country as well as the rest of Europe. We also supply wholesale so if you have a shop and would like to stock the fastest growing cleaning products in the UK, just drop us an email.

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